Learn how to grow sustainable revenue through an eCommerce business.

Do this to pay off debt. Start a side hustle you can eventually turn into a main hustle. Build passive income. The eCommerce experiment is my attempt to document this effort to do all of these things, by building scalable ecommerce businesses. Learn from my mistakes and my successes, and start your own venture!

Sharing everything I know about building and scaling an eCommerce business.

Growing my eCommerce businesses, and documenting this process in realtime - successes and failures alike.

Paying down consumer debt with profits from my eCommerce businesses, and building towards a future in investing.

Helping you do the same!

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The woman behind eCommerce Experiment

Built by Amanda Fox-Rouch. A New Yorker through and through (born and raised), I graduated from Hunter College in 2014 and moved to Philadelphia, where I currently reside. I started my own marketing and scaling agency in 2016, and began my “ecommerce experiment” in early 2018. Follow me around the web and read about my other projects at amandafoxrouch.com