May 2019 eCommerce Revenue Report

May 2019. 

All profits shown are before taxes.

POD Shop #1: Etsy

368 sales

$9,951.01 in revenue (up xx% from April)

$7,096.68 COGS

$229.37 in Promoted Listings (generated $2,152.10 in revenue; 83 orders)

$191.85 in Etsy fees and taxes 

$30.10 in contract labor

$2,403.01 net

Notes: I RAN A PRE-PRIDE SALE, which helped me in search results in Etsy. 

Average of 11.9 sales / day

POD Shop #1: Shopify

15 orders

$383.37 in revenue (up 317% from April)

$22.28 spent on FB ads

$220.65 COGS

$31.32 for Shopify subscription

$29.00 for Placeit subscription

$25.55 AOV

$80.12 net

Notes: I promoted the pre-pride sale on Instagram. I also sent emails to my list about it. 

POD Shop #2: Etsy

3 sales

$74.97 in revenue

$9.76 in Etsy fees and taxes

$41.30 COGS

$23.91 net

Notes: Did not do much listing on this account that month. Messed up by not checking the account enough, too caught up with POD Shop #1, and had some orders I had to issue returns for….. 

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage 

0 shipments sent in

1 sale

$30.66 revenue

$0.75 COGS

$18.01 net (after COGS and fees)

Notes: Didn’t send in any shipments. I had been (and still am) slowing the roll with Amazon. 


0 sales

$0 in revenue 

$0 net (after COGS and fees)

Notes: No action here. Focused on PoD shop #1 and my main (non-ecommerce) business this month. 

Something New: Wholesale Order

This was a new one. Someone found the website for PoD business #1 and requested a wholesale order quote for 150 shirts that she wanted to resell. We ended up going through with it … a good amount of profit from one order.

Revenue: $2,291.61

COGS: $1,466.26

Net: $825.35

I’ll be slowing down this month in terms of Amazon and eBay. I’ve already made some good sales on Amazon though.

Total revenue from eCommerce sources in May: $12,731.62

Total profits from eCommerce sources in May: $3,350.40 (26.32% profit margin)

Moving the needle: I will be pursuing more wholesale orders.

Now that I know I can make $10,000 in revenue from eCommerce sources in one month, I am inspired. I know I can do it again and become more efficient and profitable as time goes on. 

Coming from a service industry background (trading my time, rather than products, for money), it’s shocking to me how you can make so much revenue and keep so little profit…. used to keeping basically 100% of the profit unless I outsource things.

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