January 2019 eCommerce Revenue Report

All profits shown are before taxes.

POD Shop #1: Etsy

73 sales

$2,091 in revenue

$1,050.22 COGS

$27.08 in Promoted Listings (generated $344.34 in revenue; 16 orders)

$158.57 in Etsy fees and taxes

$83 in contract labor

$772.13 net

Notes: I published 50 new listings in January. This was probably a new record.

Starting this month I am posting every day on social media. I want to focus more on branding in 2019. Found that posting pics of customers wearing their shirts encouraged other customers to send in pics of them wearing their shirts, which is always good to have.

Average of 2.35 sales / day

POD Shop #1: Shopify

12 orders

$377.44 in revenue (down from $1,777.70 in December, most of which came from coverage in a Buzzfeed article)

$50.99 spent on FB ads

$240.37 cogs

$31.32 for Shopify subscription

$29.00 for Placeit subscription

$30.37 AOV

$25.76 net

Notes: Revenue was down but the conversion rate was 2.14%, up 210% from the previous month. 8.33% returning customer rate, up 100% from the previous month. Lessons learned: Spend less on Facebook Ads or make them more effective. I also have to email my list more frequently! I also decided it might help to post more frequently on social media.

POD Shop #2: Etsy

1 sale

$23.99 in revenue

$15.20 in Etsy fees and taxes (most of this came from new listing fees)

$11.81 COGS

-$3.02 net

Notes: 50 new listings posted in January. Starting this month I am posting on Instagram in an effort to build brand awareness and hopefully drive sales.


2 shipments sent in

11 sales

$24.49 AOV

$269.43 revenue

$141.19 net (after COGS and fees)

Notes: I’m expecting to make more money in February. Already some great sales this month.

Biggest sale item: A wet/dry cellular emergency kit found at Goodwill in November for 99 cents, sold for $51.99 ($39.79 net).


10 sales

$31.62 AOV

$316.19 in revenue (up 16.1% from December)

$142.53 net (after COGS and fees)

Notes: It’s interesting how the net profits from eBay and Amazon were almost exactly the same––just a $1.34 difference! I expect profits from eBay to be much lower in February because I will be slowing down my sourcing, and eBay seems to favor sellers who actively list new items on a regular basis.

I’ll be slowing down this month in terms of Amazon and eBay. I’ve already made some good sales on Amazon though.

Total revenue from eCommerce sources in January: $3,078.05 – Almost 1/3 of the way to my goal of $10,000 in revenue per month!

Total profits from eCommerce sources in January: $1,078.59

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