Introduction to eCommerce Experiment

Goal of this blog overall is to teach what I know, share what I’ve learned worked and doesn’t work, and help you smash your goals. I believe that we can all get it….the pie is so big, the ecommerce industry is worth so much money, that even a crumb or a small piece of the pie can feed you. I want to help you get a piece of the pie.

Also like to have someone keeping me accountable and keeping the fire burning, so to speak. (Know yourself)

Here’s a little bit more about me..

My Story

I’ve offered B2B marketing services since 2014. Started researching dropshipping wholesale items from Alibaba to Amazon in 2015. I gave up on my research because it seemed like I needed too much money to start out with, and I also didn’t have anywhere to store a large amount of inventory. Glad that I didn’t follow through because I now know that I was approaching it the wrong way. I have made other people money with what I’ve learned and wanted to start applying the principles myself, for my own ventures.

I was seeing people have success with various Etsy businesses, including neighbors of mine. I came up with an idea┬áto start a print on demand business in a specific niche in December of 2017 after hearing about a friend’s mom making money on Etsy selling handcrafted paper lanterns.

My Print on Demand Business Journey

I started an Etsy shop on January 31, 2018. I put up X listings in the first 30 days… Make 0 sales for the first month (that 1 sale in February was from a friend of mine). Then put up a design which started bringing in actual sales and continued putting up new listings to build momentum from there.

To achieve these results:

  • $13,999 on cost of goods
  • $331 on Etsy promoted listings
  • $1,520 on Etsy fees
  • $618 on Facebook Ads
  • ~$800 on labor

So, take-home pay on this has been $$$ before taxes.

I would consider this a largely passive business compared to my marketing stuff and definitely have not made nearly as much as others have made in this industry, but I figure it’s a pretty good run for someone who’s new to this business.

The goal is to scale this up to the point where the earnings are more consistent. The revenue goal I would like to hit each month in 2019 for POD Business #1 is $5,000. I believe that if I ramp up my marketing efforts and put more money into Facebook Ads, I can bring in that amount of money. However this particular niche is very specific and spends more $$$ typically during a certain month. So it might be hard to have those consistent sales throughout the year compared to POD Business #2, which appeals to a broader swathe of people.

My Retail Arbitrage Journey

I started doing online arbitrage in late October 2018. That’s a subject for another post. But I began retail arbitrage (buying stuff in person at discount stores like Marshall’s and thrift stores like Goodwill and selling it via Amazon FBA) in early November 2018 and have seen some success with it. Thus far I’ve only sent in two shipments to Amazon and the total profits so far are at $$$$$….and the number will hit $$$$ if/when the other items I’ve sent in have sold.

I have also listed a few things on eBay and have had one sale through retail arbitrage specifically (although I have had sales through online arbitrage, which is a story I will cover in a different post). This sale alone brought in about $77 in profits after COGS ($4.00) and eBay/PayPal fees..

I hope to build up both of these revenue streams and become better and faster at finding good items to flip.

I have found myself discouraged in the past but the most recent haul left me excited about the possibilities for growing this as a reliable (albeit more hands-on) revenue stream.

My Goals

Want to move on to wholesaling on Amazon…and also investing in real estate…..leveling up my retail arbitrage and print on demand game in order to be able to invest in these other projects…


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